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Asset Tracking

Creating a connected approach to posts and parcel delivery will provide a Big Data platform to leverage information. This data creates new and better insights from the first till last mile.

Prime Vision has a proven track record on IoT solutions on sorting machines for many years. In the past two years we broadened our horizon to the first and last mile. Our platforms will work seamlessly with your existing systems, applications and solutions.We experience that IoT is a game-changer in supply-chain and logistics. As an expert innovation partner for logistics companies globally, we piloted many initiatives in this field. Areas currently in development include concepts for asset location and tracking, and environmental monitoring initiatives. By adapting the correct IoT strategy now, supply-chain and logistics are able to plan and scale their live infrastructure to suit demand, this day, this hour. The upshot is savings in time, fuel and maintenance, the ability to monitor and maintain service levels and quality and implement a maintenance regime against predicted machine life. We are your IoT partner and will tailor our solution to fit your needs, now and in the future.

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