Chinese parcels

Turning a negative into a positive

 Asian parcels vary hugely in size, shape and weight, making them difficult to position correctly for scanning in the automated sorting process. Also, CN custom labels and barcodes are often poorly printed with critical information missing or smudged. Add in the lack of standardization in address label format - that makes it near-impossible for common scanners to read - and the process becomes daunting for any sorting hub. 

Providing a viable solution is Prime Vision’s new Chinese Address Reader which is proving a powerful addition to any established OCR solution. It allows postal operators to convert highly labour-intensive Asian parcel handling into a profitable revenue stream. 

Although based on its award-winning OCR, Prime Vision has taken the capability of its Chinese Address Reader to a new level by allowing data to be read across multiple labels including address labels, customs labels and recipient details. 

What sets this system apart is that it focuses on detecting, interpreting and validating only the information necessary for processing and sorting. It looks for relevant blocks of data, hidden in a sea of confusing and useless clutter. 

White paper

Read all about the Chinese parcel problem and solution in the dedicated white paper