Prime Vision won the Postal Technology Award for sorting centre innovation of the year!

We are happy and proud to announce that, in partnership with PostNL, we have won the cherished “Best Sorting Centre Innovation Award” at the 2016 Postal Technology Awards for our innovative MMS platform. The Mail Match System (MMS) is a pioneering new mail and parcel sorting platform recently released into the wider market to great acclaim.
Prime Vision CEO Eddy Thans explained why he thinks their MMS platform won the award and why Prime Vision are making waves in this sector. “I am both proud and delighted that we have been given this prestigious award as it recognizes just how truly innovative our system is.”
“What is unique in our MMS platform is that it is independent from all other hardware. It’s the central system that keeps the whole mail process running. MMS is not hard wired. It can work with any existing or new system. This is seen by the market as a major step to allow Postal operators to be independent of any supplier. Not be beholden to an integral control platform that could possibly fail, become obsolete or simply fail to keep up with the latest innovations.”
“MMS is a truly open and scalable system. It can be a solution for both letters and parcels. The business logic can be easily adjusted allowing decisions to be made from rules based on data analytics rather than hard-coded logic. I believe that MMS has the potential to support postal companies far into the future and give them the confidence to plan their systems based upon it. I am proud that we can be part of that.”
The key to this success was in the planning. When Prime Vision set about designing MMS, the objective was simple. To build not only their most sophisticated postal automation platform yet, but a cutting-edge system that fulfilled 4 specific, present and future, market demands. MMS is:

Independent: MMS is a stand-alone system that offers the best levels of flexibility and intelligence paired with maximum configuration and process possibilities.

Future-Proof: An open adaptable platform that keep aside of developing technologies, and allows for seamless integration as applications and benefits became apparent.

Scalable: An expandable network that enables multiple mail centers to share real-time information to conceive and co-ordinate logistical solutions.

Intelligent: A solution that harnesses the power of outside data to confidently gauge live situations, recognize trends and predict outcomes.

When asked about the effects of emerging technologies in the postal sector, CEO Thans continued “We see that new technologies offer new opportunities for postal operators. Increased margins are not just about cost-cutting through operational efficiency but looking for new and innovative revenue streams. Prime Vision is unique in being able to help our customers achieve both.”

Link to the Postal Technology Annual Showcase issue.