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We are the leading software integrator in the global Postal and CEP markets, developing best-in-class solutions in machine vision, recognition and identification technologies. The Prime Vision team is dedicated, ambitious, flexible and highly skilled and educated to serve your business-critical operations.


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Major Challenges

Our solutions and integration skills offer clients considerable added value,
whether its reducing costs, increasing efficiency, implementing new services or optimising operations.

Part of a post ourselves we understand the trends and challenges in the mail industry like the need to transform your operations due to letter decline, revenue protection and smarter mail services.

The market faces cost pressures, increasing demands for smarter services, yet increasing cost and competitive pressures. We offer you solutions delivering competitive edge!

Handling bags and passengers in short time frames. Manual handling of miss-sorted bags take time you don’t have. We have a new automated concept for the baggage handling market.

High end technology

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Coronavirus update

We care about our people, customers and services

In light of the recent far-reaching measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, Prime Vision has decided to take extensive action to ensure that the impact on people, customers and the service provision is limited.

Post and Parcel Summit 23-24 March, 2020

Leading Logistics Event | Copenhagen

Prime Vision is a proud sponsor of the 2020 Summit. As Bronze Sponsor we can offer a 20% discount on the entry tickets. Use discount code POSTSPON20 when ordering your tickets.

When you order your tickets, remember to click the button “Have a discount code? Enter it here” to claim your 20% Discount.

We look forward to meet you in person at the Post and Parcel Summit 2020 in March in Copenhagen.

How do we help

What we can do for you

Automatic OCR reading for parcels is entirely different than solutions for letters or flats. We are one of the first companies in the industry to develop a successful parcel reading solution.

Revenue protection and recovery components are core competence of Prime Vision and have been implemented in applications all over Europe and the United States.

With the objective to fully optimise read rates, one must first understand the failure mode of no reads. This is often where our work at Prime Vision start.

Our world-wide references

Over the years we have been working with so many companies all over the world. Our clients are both big and small companies in the airports, postal,and logistics industry.

OK, so why Prime Vision?

Long term relationships

As part of a post ourselves we understand the trends and challenges in the mail industry like the need to transform your operations due to letter decline, revenue protection and smarter mail services.

Innovative culture

Clients come to Prime Vision specifically for that combination of innovation and the know how to apply it for their situation. More than 90% of Prime Vision's employees have an academic degree.

Open design philosophy

In an industry dominated by proprietary systems and closed, locked interfaces, Prime Vision has consistently lobbied for and designed open interfaces and integration.

Best fit solutions

As a leading systems integrator ourselves, we can advise on best-fit solutions for a given application (whether Prime Vision built or others) and integrate as a turnkey project from design through to deployment.

High value solutions

Many of our projects are directly financially led, such as revenue recovery or protection programs or where our automation solutions directly reduce time and manpower costs.

Easy to work with

Our clients emphasize that it's our people, approach and attitude that attracts them most and that is why clients tend to stay with us for many years.

Vendor independent

We develop bespoke solutions ourselves and integrate with others. We have worked with every leading sorting, materials handling and camera vendor on the market.

Unparalleled global support

For peace of mind, Prime Vision specialists are always on-hand for those times when for whatever reason things are not running so smoothly.

Corporate Responsibility

We reinforce our sustainability ambitions through the ISO 26000 certification. Creating and maintaining a sustainable business is the responsibility of all. We are looking to find additional ways to operate in a sustainable manner. Read more ...

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