Projection Sorting

Simplifying and optimizing your manual sorting process with the Handling Projector


The amount of parcels being shipped via E-commerce just keeps increasing, but so does the complexity and variety of the address and dispatch labels. Inevitably, at some point, these parcels need to be manually sorted, and as such, are requiring increasingly more time per parcel to process. All these small but crucial delays add-up and result in further strain on sorting lines, often working far harder than they were designed for, to meet the time-sensitive delivery slots that a thriving e-commerce market demands. The Handling Projector directly addresses this issue.

The Handling Projector, although technically sophisticated, is a wholly simple solution. As a parcel moves to the end of the line, the Handling Projector having identified the destination by scanning the label, then projects a route number directly onto the package with a laser beam. With the potential to follow multiple parcels simultaneously, the Handling Projector can keep the laser in place until an operator removes the parcel.

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