We are extremely proud to say that we have been shortlisted for two awards this year: The Sorting Centre Innovation Awards, which is the same prize we won last year and the customers’ choice, the Supplier of the Year Award.
On Tuesday evening at 5 pm, during the award ceremony, the winners will be revealed and we hope to be crowned the Supplier of the Year.

If computers can think what we want them to think, then they must be able to make our lives easier. This was the thesis behind Alan Turing’s paper on computing machinery and intelligence published in 1950. More than 60 years later, artificial intelligence systems based on so-called machine learning techniques are indeed deployed in postal, parcel and logistics operations.

Delft, The Netherlands, 11 July 2017. Today Prime Vision and Unmanned Life presented the results of the proof of concept and performed a live demonstration for PostNL of their Autonomous Sorting solution. With an empty warehouse as a venue, the presentation demonstrated a sorting centre manned only by autonomous robotic UV’s (Unmanned Vehicles).

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Prime Vision is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its first Identification Technology project for one of the largest parcel and logistics companies worldwide.
In 2015 Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) selected Prime Vision as relatively small but well experienced Postal and Logistics IT provider and expert in OCR and recognition technology to be the supplier of choice for the Identification System for its ambitious new parcels hub in central Germany.

Prime Vision can read not only address labels but also decipher stamps, franking marks, logos and other images printed onto letters (and parcels).
Our R&D team has developed and refined techniques, which allow our customers to increase their read rates significantly.

In the Summer 2017 edition of the Mail & Express Review (MER) Magazine Prime Vision’s innovation director Freek Smoes looks at how the Internet of Things and technologies such as near-field communication can transform the postal industry.
The magazine is available now online and offline.

Prime Vision and Delft Robotics have agreed a new technology partnership that will see the pair work together to advance automation in postal logistics applications. The postal recognition technology of Prime Vision will complement perfectly the expertise of Delft Robotics to quick and robustly apply robots based on 3D machine vision using deep learning.

Prime Vision has today launched a new strategy for its regional division in Australia and New Zealand with specific focus on the Postal and Logistics industries.

The new strategy responds to the challenges faced by Postal and Logistics operators in the region, providing a range of solutions to help operators improve utilization of their assets, providing tracking of individual items from first mile to last mile, increasing parcel processing capacity cost effectively, and providing Consumers more choice for delivery.