Continuing Prime Visions expansion into IoT based solutions, we are proud to announce our new strategic partnership with IoT experts WolkAbout.

By combining WolkAbouts cutting-edge IoT platform knowledge with Prime Visions vast market experience, together we plan to develop an industry-focused IoT platform specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of modern Postal and Logistics companies. 

Our ongoing partnership with IoT hardware designers TWTG will ensure the continued introduction of hardware, systems and solutions developed to work alongside the new platform. 

The combined solutions will give our customers the capability to establish next-generation IoT strategies that bring both simplification and optimisation to their automation and delivery operations.

 Asian parcels vary hugely in size, shape and weight, making them difficult to position correctly for scanning in the automated sorting process. Also, CN custom labels and barcodes are often poorly printed with critical information missing or smudged. Add in the lack of standardization in address label format – that makes it near-impossible for common scanners to read – and the process becomes daunting for any sorting hub. 

Providing a viable solution is Prime Vision’s new eCommerce Parcel Reader which is proving a powerful addition to any established OCR solution.

Brexit looms ever closer, and with it increasing uncertainty. It’s now apparent that we need to prepare for a wide number of possible scenarios, and plan the contingencies to meet an unknown outcome.

The discussion of whether we face a hard or soft exit has for the moment to have taken a backseat to even more fundamental questions which leave us with the possibility of No Deal or even no Brexit at all.

Our track and trace solution proves its value through increased operational performance and customer satisfaction.

Having recently unveiled their Active Asset Tracking Solution at Post-expo, Prime Vision and development partner, TWTG have a solution that delivers the pinpoint results and accuracy the Industry has long demanded.

Prime Vision is proud to announce the launch of our new Service Management Department. Headed by Fleur Baars, our new services team brings Prime Visions’ renown experience and expertise directly to the customer, working diligently to manage our integrated solutions and resolve any issues that arise on the way. 

The e-commerce market is continually evolving, and moreover, logistic operators need to to be increasingly agile to meet the resulting challenges.

Django Girls is a non-profit organization and a community that empowers and helps women to organize free, one-day programming workshops by providing tools, resources and support. They are a volunteer run organization with hundreds of people contributing to bring more amazing women into the world of technology.

A ground-breaking Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Video Coding (VCS) Solution developed by a partnership of Prime Vision and SICK has been installed at a major international airport to solve the challenges of baggage identification rejects. Prime Vision hit such a problem in the logistics industry many years ago and developed systems to increase read rates.

This week our Account Director Richard Hagen and Innovation Director Bernd van Dijk are taking part in a trade mission to China, together with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and several other representatives of the Netherlands. The journey to China will concentrate on the Logistics and e-Commerce markets and will visit multiple cities.

Our industry is judged by time. To the general public, it really doesn’t matter how efficient our internal systems and procedures are. To be on time, or even a little early, is the expected standard and unfortunately barely noticed. To be late, however, can cause great annoyance and contribute to negative public perception of the postal service.

Fresh from winning two recent industry innovation awards for the Autonomous Sorting solution, Prime Vision’s visionary new system has sent shockwaves through the industry, compelling Postal and Parcel to assess both their current set-ups and future plans. After a successful proof-of-concept demonstration to an invited audience proved the concept feasible, Prime Vision now has a pilot with a second postal partner commencing mid 2018.