Autonomous Sorting

Game-changing sorting technology

Autonomous Sorting introduces the idea of self-organising logistics by utilising the latest robotic technology to sort parcels or roll containers autonomously. These robots - called Rovers - combined with Prime Visions technical and industry know-how, enable parcel and logistics companies to turn an empty warehouse into a fully operational Sorting Centre in less than a day.

Manned only by Rovers, these pop-up Sorting Centre’s need no further equipment and the Rovers are safe to operate alongside human co-workers. While they are autonomous, Collision Evasion is inbuilt, allowing the Rovers to intelligently work together when handing larger parcels. The Rovers are created to behave similarly to worker bees.  Prime Vision developed swarming algorithms that determine the actions of these 'bees' enabling them to identify, assess, sort and physically transport items to their dispatch location..

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